Preparations Underway for Transition to Sequence Three

Libraries and iTech employees, with plenty of support from Physical Plant, are hard at work getting ready for next week’s “flip” and the transition to the next sequence of the renovation project.

If you’ve walked through the north end of the Learning Commons recently, you’ve noticed the furniture is slowly being disassembled and moved away. We are relocating as much furniture as possible within the building to continue to provide seating for our valued library patrons.

Additional changes:

  • The two treadmill desks, generously provided by the Health Is Golden campaign in 2016, have been moved to the windows at the south end of the Learning Commons.
  • Two of the Wēpa print stations were moved toward the south end of the Learning Commons a few weeks ago and others will soon join them.
  • The Scannx scanning equipment has been relocated and may now be found near the large group study room (LIB 120) in approximately the southwest corner of the Learning Commons.
  • The computers designated for community users have been moved from the northwest corner of the Learning Commons toward the southeast side of the room.

The most significant change is scheduled to take place next week. When students return from Mardi Gras Break on Wednesday, February 26, the north entrance will be closed and everyone will enter and exit the building using the south entrance. The Circulation and Reserves Desk will have moved from north to south, along with the Research and Technical Assistance Desk. And the iTech Help Desk will close its lobby location and reopen in the Curriculum Materials Center (LIB 109J).

We appreciate your consideration as we make these adjustments to our spaces and services, while striving to minimize the disruptions. If you have any questions, please contact Cook Library at 601.266.4241.

photo is a large room with green floors and green carpet. At the front of the room is open floor, but at the back of the photos, beyond several white columns are tables, being taken down, lying on the floor, and a large wooden desk. To the right in the photo are a wall of windows. photo is a large room with green floors. On the left side of the photo are wooden tables with chairs next to a row of white columns. To the right side of the photo is another row of white columns with a large wooden desk in the center. photo is a large room with green carpet. At the front of the photo is a row of chairs, back to back. Behind the chairs are white columns with wooden tables and chairs around the columns. photo is a large room and in the center of the photo are stacks of tables that have been disassembled. Beside the stacks of table tops is a row of wooden chairs, surrounded by white columns. Beyond the tables and chairs is a large wooden desk.

photo is of a wooden table with a green top and four chairs around the table. On top of the table is a black scanner, desktop computer with screen and keyboard, and to the right is a white printer. Beyond the table is a column and rows of tables and chairs. photo is of two treadmills with desktops to be used for walking and working. On the other side of the treadmills are horizontal windows. To the right is a white wall with an outlet where the treadmills are attached.